We strive to make our customers successful

We not only sell the software, but also the service of logistic in China for very long term partership

Why come and work for us?


It is a online retailing or wholesale business, you can work anywhere with flexible time. You can choose a small category as niche to run this business, you can also take many different types of products to sell.

If you don’t have any partners in China to provide logistic service, such as purchasing, quality check and consolidation,  OpenTopCart can take charge of this for you.  You only need to focus on marketing, customer support and financing issues.


Benefits and perks

Flexible Schedule

You can work at any time you want, you decide the holidays by yourselves

Work anywhere

at home, on the beach or work while flying

Holidays and Travel

You decide by yourselves, very flexible

Competitive Compensation

Since the business is very low cost, you should be able to earn more if you work hard

Work With Us anywhere

You can work at home or on the beach with your dog

Business Development Manager

Help us to sell more licenses to each country, you can commission based on each sales

OpenCart Helper

You don’t need to know any coding of opencart extensions or php development. but better to know basic html + css and familar with opencart backend and extension logic.

We have a system developed based opencart. now many customer are using this system with different themes. and most of our customers don’t know really well for opencart. they have difficulties to configure the theme, setup category menus, setup sliders. etc.

Your job is to do these works for them according to their need. It is a big plus if you can design some banners, but banner design is not required.

It is a long term work for many years, we really want to find a person who can work with us for long term, it will be win-win for both.

Shop Manager

You can decide what you want to sell and do the marketing as you want.  You will be in charge of the whole shop.

You only need to pay a fixed fee to OpenTopCart,  then the rest of profit will be the reward for your work

Our Office

Our office is located in downtown Wuhu. It is about 5km away from Wuhu high-speed train station

Want to help us build loyal customers?

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