Buy for you & Ship for you

We also have warehouse space and human resource to provide logistic service. We charge 1USD+5% per product as logistic service fee. The shipping fee is charged by actual cost. (One product option group is counted as one product no matter how many ones you order)

Placing Orders

Ordering on Taobao/Tmall/1688 on behalf of you with your own account or our account


Receive parcels from suppliers and store in our warehouse

Quality Check

We check every item’s quality we received and validate if it is the right one from ordering,  we can also take photos when necessary

Consolidate & Repack

We consolidate diffferent items from different suppliers into one box for each order, and do necessary repacking to ensure safe international shipping and consol



Smart Logistic Management System

Fund your account by Paypal, Credit Cards, Western Union, Bank Transfer
View detailed funding history and each transaction of fee deduction
Download PDF Invoice by yourself for each month
One-Click to add all latest domestic shipping numbers of your orders into system
Barcode Scanner to recognize each parcel from sellers
Print checklist for each order
Tick box for Quality check on each product
Using camera to take photos and upload
Record product weight so next time you can get the accurate weight for new orders
Allow multiple packages for each order
Auto generating invoice and print with your own logo and name
Auto email notification trigger when order status changes
Smart process flow and reminder for each step, easy to use
One-click to track international shipment

Warehouse Location

Our warehouse is located in the eastern part of China(see Green Star ), it is close to the main areas which most sellers and factories are located in(see blue line area ).

Once our purchaing team places the order on Taobao, it takes only 3 to 5 days to receive products in warehouse.

JD has Nanjing and Shanghai storage centers nearby our warehouse, most products would arrive in warehouse in the next morning from Nanjing if we place orders 11pm before, some products woud arrive in warehouse from Shanghai in the morning after next day.

So generally it takes maximum 24 hours or 48 hours for our warehouse to recieve products from JD.

Would you like to learn more about logistic in China?

We also have many different solution to suit your needs