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Taobao/JD/1688 Agent

Taobao Agent, JD Agent & 1688 Agent; One-Click to have 1 billion+ products


Online Store Builder

The text outlines integrating products from Taobao, Tmall,, and 1688, ensuring real-time updates and auto-sync.


Product Sourcing Services

OpenTopCart is a China sourcing and supply chain management company that helps businesses import products from China.

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WuhuW is a local Chinese company specializing in cross-border e-commerce solutions and product sourcing services. We aim to assist agents from other countries in sourcing from China, and overcoming language and payment barriers.

Our system

E-commerce system

Our e-commerce system is user-friendly yet powerful, integrating over 1.5 billion products. It not only offers robust features but also boasts a wide selection of plugins, providing efficient and flexible solutions to meet the diverse needs of standalone sites. This system helps you stand out in the competitive e-commerce market.

Taobao, 1688 & JD

From a wide variety to high quality, from wholesale to retail, from standard to customized, we offer a one-stop shopping service for products.

Powerful & Extensions

Rich extensions, one-click install, for better user experience and stronger functionality, boosting sales and satisfaction.

Technical services

Efficient site build and quality maintenance, covering planning, design, development, and info management.

China sourcing agent

We provide complete, end-to-end solutions

Need Product Sourcing Service From China? It makes no difference what your business is – Amazon, shopify or face to face. You can be assured our customer service representatives will be at your side during the entire sourcing process including: initial request, samples, process, inspection and shipping to your specified location.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, however, to enhance access speed, we also recommend using caching technology to cache data for one to two days. In most cases, product data updates are not too frequent.

Certainly, we have obtained official API access from platforms such as Taobao,, and 1688, and all product information is authorized by the sellers. However, if a seller or the copyright center contacts you believing your website is unauthorized, you can simply prohibit specific products.

Yes, aside from the server domain fees and API costs that you need to cover, the system requires only a one-time fee.

The system can be provided for free, but a deposit must be paid, which will be refunded once orders reach 3 million RMB, and the refund can also be made in installments.

Currently, this is possible with Taobao and 1688 orders. You can generate purchase orders and make payments with just one click, and even set up small-amount password-free payments.

We are currently using a free interface that can handle large volumes of daily translations, supporting all languages that Google Translate can. However, for better quality, a paid translation service can be arranged.

Yes, AI can be used to assist in conversations with customers, and for downloading products locally, AI can be employed for translation and content optimization.


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