ECommerce API Taobao , Tmall, 1688, JD and more.

Our API streamlines the collection of product information from platforms like Taobao, Tmall, 1688, and JD, offering you structured data encompassing product names, descriptions, visuals, cost, SKU, evaluations, etc. Simplify your data acquisition and enhance your enterprise operations.

OpenTopCart ECommerce API

We have the major Chinese business platform API, real-time capture Taobao/Tmall/1688/JD massive data.

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Why Choose Us?

OpenTopCart, after over a decade of practical operational enhancements and ongoing refinements, boasts a powerful set of features and a logical business process, enabling you to quickly set up a website for convenient shopping.

Always accessible

Streamlined E-commerce Setup

Website operators facilitate purchases, handling shipping directly to customers, profiting from markups, service charges, and shipping fees. Additionally, by listing their own products and leveraging the site’s multilingual translation, they can sell globally.

what we offer


Product Information

Get the details of the specified product ID, including the product title, description, SKU specifications and price.

Data Schema

Makes data accessible in different formats like CSV, JSON, Excel) or API integration to do data delivery.


Automatically convert product descriptions from Chinese into the user-specified languages.

Scraping Schedule

Update the latest information by setting scheduler on a monthly, weekly, hourly, or daily basis.

Extra Information

Extract Product Monthly Sales, Supplier Store, China Domestic Shipping, Product Reviews, etc.

Lightning fast

Response times are everything. We leverage advanced technologies to provide instant content extraction.

Continuous API Monitoring and Updates

We actively monitor API changes and make timely adjustments to ensure the APIs you utilize always provide the latest information. This continuous oversight helps maintain seamless integration and reliable functionality in your applications.


Yes, definitely.  We offer tailored API services based on your specific needs. Please let us know your requirements.

We provide 30 days no reason refund for left credits. For example, if you buy 1000 credits and use 100, we can refund the left 900 credits to you in 30 days without any asking.

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