Three Ways to Quickly Purchase in Bulk from China

China has rich product resources and a complete manufacturing system. For overseas companies, bulk purchases from China can achieve a higher cost-effectiveness. However, bulk purchases often require a long cycle, so overseas companies need to choose efficient ways to purchase. The following are three ways to quickly purchase in bulk from China:

Purchase through B2B platforms


B2B platforms are one of the main channels for overseas companies to purchase products from China. On B2B platforms, you can find a variety of suppliers and conduct online inquiries, bargaining, and ordering. Some major B2B platforms include:

Alibaba: The world’s largest B2B platform with more than 200 million buyer users.

Global Express: A B2B platform focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, supporting multiple languages and currencies. A B2B platform focusing on Chinese manufacturers, providing rich product and supplier information.

Disadvantages: B2B platforms have many options, whether it is product selection or supplier selection, it is still challenging to quickly and easily purchase high-quality and cost-effective products in bulk.

Come to China to find direct sources

Some buyers choose to come to China to purchase goods directly , by attending exhibitions, visiting wholesale markets or factories . The advantages of these methods are that they can personally inspect the strength of suppliers, understand the production process, touch the products and judge the quality of the products. In addition, the most important thing is that they can directly negotiate with suppliers face to face and learn more about the details of the procurement cooperation . Although this method is more reassuring, from the perspective of efficiency, it not only requires buyers to invest more time, money and energy, but also has a relatively low efficiency.

Working with a sourcing agent

Compared with the above two sourcing methods, more overseas companies now choose to cooperate with domestic professional sourcing agents .

Working with a sourcing agent can bring the following advantages to overseas companies:

Save time and energy: sourcing agents can help companies complete a series of tasks such as finding suppliers, product inquiries, negotiations, placing orders, following up on production progress, inspecting goods, arranging logistics, etc., saving a lot of time and energy and focusing on core business.

Reduce procurement costs: Procurement agents have rich industry experience and expertise, and can help companies find high-quality suppliers and purchase products at lower prices.

Reduce procurement risks: Procurement agents can help companies reduce procurement risks, such as supplier fraud, product quality issues, delivery delays, etc.

Improve procurement efficiency: Procurement agents have professional teams and efficient operating processes, which can help companies improve procurement efficiency and shorten procurement cycles.

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