The Art of TaoBao Business: Work as agent

TaoBao business is not new anymore

, Taobao is the largest online shopping network in China. It has many independent store owners who list their products and directly ship their products to the buyer. TaoBao is similar to eBay. However, there is no bidding involved. Most of the sellers in TaoBao do not speak English and not all of them ship internationally. It is also noteworthy to know that China is internally known to be producing or selling the least inexpensive products in the world.What does this mean for you? This means a business opportunity! The next question you should be playing in your mind right now is: “How to start a taobao business as agent?”

TaoBao business is not only for those who are in China or those who have online shops in the country. Since TaoBao is an online marketplace, it provides an avenue for those who have a TaoBao account to own and operate their own business. Hence, to be a Taobao Agent. If you are wondering how to be a TaoBao agent, you have to look at the greater scheme of things. There are thousands and probably millions by now items posted in TaoBao and a million viewers who want to buy those.

These are one of the things you should consider because in the long run. You would go crazy looking for ordered items, managing payments, repackaging, shipping and other stuff involving your TaoBao business.These are the things you have to consider when you are thinking on how to become a TaoBao agent. You certainly don’t want to compromise any order not being delivered on time nor a payment not received.  Being a TaoBao agent is not really that difficult; However, it does need a meticulous amount of organizing. That is when a help from OpenTopCart comes in!

TaoBao agent or agency business model is really simple.

A foreign shopper selects an item in TaoBao and commissions an agent to do the shopping for them. Of course, the shopper has to pay the agent fee, product and shipping cost. Although some merchants may directly sell products to foreign buyers, the lack of Chinese bank account, language barrier and international shipping is present itself as a challenge. This is the reason why many foreign buyers prefer to buy products through an agent.
While the use of a Spreadhseet to monitor your daily sales and other business activities, it is still prone to human error. At this point, it is best to use a TaoBao business application software to help you run your business smoothly. When choosing an software for your TaoBao business, it’s best to closely look at the features and determine if it is what you really need. Also, reliability and efficiency are equally important. The use TaboBao business tools is highly recommended at this point.

Among all TaoBao business software that exists, OpenTopCart is unmatched with the best features, efficiency and reliability. It is safe to say that Open Top Card is your perfect solution for your TaboBao business. The design is so responsive and can be used with a mobile device or tablets. It has an email notification feature and will help you keep track of your orders and other information about your business.

OpenTopCart uses TaoBao api to display product information directly from the TaoBao website. Its is sure that the information you see in your website and application is as accurate as the one in Taobao. Such product information includes product weight, price, stocks, color and others. It also features ticketing system, online tracking of domestic and international tracking.

Apart from these cool features, OpenTopCart also allows you to view customers review. You may easily identify if there is a problem with any of your customers and could address them in an instant. This is a great way to retain your current customers and attract new ones. Viewing millions of products listed in TaoBao is also not a problem because OpenTopCart has a feature that would allow you to filter the listing in TaoBao.

It also supports many payment gateways. This means a lot of people can buy from you using their preferred payment method. You do not have to convince them to try the limited payment options that are available in other TaoBao business application software.

It is certain that there is a great earning opportunity if you are a TaoBao agent. The only thing that you need is a business solution that will help you manage your day to day business activities and maximize your earning potentials. It is not a question of, but a question of how and when. When are you going to start your own TaoBao business? The Answer is now. Do not waste another day meandering. A day you waste is a day that other TaoBao agents earned. How to become a TaoBao agent? Simple. Get an OpenTopCart solution and start maximizing your earnings! It is truly a one-stop solution for your business.

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