Beat the Holiday Craze with Shipping Agent in China

With holiday season just around the corner, a lot of people will be buying presents for their loved ones. People buying from all around corners of the world would be visiting your online shop and expect a lot of orders from places you might not have heard of before. This is a good time to review your business dealings with your shipping agent in China.

Reviewing your business dealings with your shipping agent in China does not literally mean going through each one and picking the nitty gritty details. You can focus on the number of transactions, pricing, good transactions and those that have problems. Doing so could also help you build a more personal relationship with your shipping agent in China or decide whether to continue the business relationship or its time to look for a new one. Either way, it is good for your business.


Compliment Your Shipping Agent in China

Upon review of your business dealings, you would stumble across the number of transactions that the shipping agent did really well. Keep notes of those points that went really well. Mention a few transactions that you feel they stood out.

Complimenting your shipping agent in China is as important as pointing out the things that didn’t went well. It would make them feel like their efforts are valued. This will also help motivate them to do better and exceed your expectations.


Bumps on the Road

During review, it is expected that you will encounter the things that didn’t really went well. It is imperative to bring this to the shipping agent in China’s attention. Gently mention what are the things that you think they can improve on. You may opt not to mention the instances that they did not do very well. This way, it could not be interpreted as confrontational.

Carefully discuss with the client the causes of the issues you raised and work out a plan to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Before you end your conversation, make a recap to make sure that everybody understands the game plan and can then comply.


Negotiate with Your Shipping Agent in China

By now you already know how many transactions you have done with your shipping agent in China. You have also figured out how much business you have brought them. You may use this as a leverage to negotiate a better rate or a deal. Do not forget to mention that there will be an influx of orders and more business for them. Most shipping agents in China would not like to lower than your pre-agreed rate. You may want to offer like a free for every so many number of transactions. This way, your shipping agent gets more business and you get a freebie for every so many number of transactions.

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