China Trade Goes Global through Logistics

Understanding Logistics

Without a doubt, logistics has come a long way from the ancient Greek and Roman war times when military officers called as “Logistikas” took care of the supply and distribution of resources; to what it does today. Due to Chinese logistics companies and the influx of  technology, it is now possible to do China trade from all over the world. The new face of Chinese logistics companies has given business owners to do China trade from other countries on a whole new level. They are now able to do China trade and not worry about logistics. Getting the exact product and to shipping it from China to the end consumers is the responsibility of Chinese logistics companies.


In a nutshell, logistics is a part of the supply chain management process. It is the management of the supply from the manufacturer or supplier to the consumers. Logistics make sure that the requirements of the company and the customers are met. Logistics involves material handling, inventory, warehousing, packaging, transportation, information flow and production. It helps businesses who buy products from China in bulk. They help finding a warehouse to store and secure the products. packaging, inventory and shipping of products are part of logistics as well.


Chinese logistics companies

Running a business all by yourself can be very demanding, time consuming and exhaustive at time. Some businesses are focusing on China trade. In a perfect case scenario, a business would do all of its operation on its own. However, in order to keep things running smoothly, some business use outsourcing to help them in their operations. One aspect of business operations that can be outsourced is logistics.

OpenTopCart has been active in the China import export business; helping business owners buy bulk from China, store the products in a warehouse and take care of the logistics. With the use of OpenTopCart app, businessmen can purchase directly from Taobao/Tmall/1688. They can do this using their own account using the OpenTopCart account. OpenTopCart provides a physical address in China for item shipping.  OpenTopCart receives the parcel after purchase. Such items are stored in the warehouse for safekeeping and processing.


Warehouse Process

Once the items are in the warehouse, OpenTopCArt performs quality check. This process includes validation of items and taking pictures when deemed necessary. Afterwards, OpenTopCart consolidates the items from different suppliers, repack and then ship to end consumers. Consequently, OpenTopCart acts as a shipping agent in China. This system allows businesses to negotiate the prices of the products that they purchase from suppliers while buying bulk in China. Hence, business owner has the total control of the business as the only role of OpenTopCart is to do the logistics.


Definitely, OpenTopCart is on top of the options companies have to consider when choosing a Chinese logistics companies. It provides solutions for China trade by being a Chinese logistics company. As a result, OpenTopCart is an all-in package that takes care of your business and gives you control at your fingertips!

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