Get the Most Out of China Shipping Agency

Know the China Shipping Agency

As the name suggests, is an agent, either a person or a company who is responsible for handling shipments and cargo. A China shipping agency is then responsible for handling the shipment of your products to your customers. To make sure that you get what you pay for, it is important to know the China shipping agent’s role.


The Shipping Agent’s Role

The role of a China shipping agent begins with either the products are picked up from the warehouse or brought to a drop off point. The shipping agent will then bring the products to their own warehouse to segregate for efficient shipping. Once shipping locations are determined and consolidated, the products will then be sent to either the airport or the seaport. The China shipping agent is responsible for making sure that the products reach the consumers in good condition. They usually hire people to handle the shipment carefully. Their staff consists of clerks, crane operators, forklift drivers, inspector and equipment operators. Once the products reach their country of destination, it is then brought to a warehouse for sorting out to be sent to the consumer’s address.


OpenTopCart Logistics Process

Once the customer already placed an order, you will  order it from Taobao TMall. The seller will then  ship your purchase to the warehouse. A checklist will then be printed out followed by a quality check and uploading of pictures. After consolidating the orders, the product status will then be updated. In the warehouse, the product is then repacked, weighed and then shipped out with a China shipping agent.

With this kind of business process in place, your life will be easy because you do not have to do the repacking, weighing and shipping by yourself. All you have to do is to monitor the progress of your order as it is being shipped. Even this process is also easy for you as it can be automated using the OpenTopCart solutions.

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    I want to become Tabao agent in Mongolia,please send me more information details.

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