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With only a computer and a fast internet connection as the minimum startup capital, having an online business is the way to go for many entrepreneurs. It is now impossible to think of a world without online shops. Managing an online business does not require you to set up a physical shop, which is undeniably convenient.

A cursory Google search with keywords how to be taobao agent will yield many search results about sellers having a profitable business on the e-commerce website.

Taobao: China’s Leading E-Commerce Company

In China, there exists a very large e-commerce website similar to eBay. It’s called Taobao, and it’s the number one e-commerce company in China as of 2015. Your research on how to be taobao agent will lead you to finding many entrepreneurs who are earning money with only as their selling platform. One reason is that the website allows entrepreneurs to sell not only in China but also in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

People who want to have access to cheap products from China only need to visit the Taobao website. The e-commerce website is brimming with clothes, accessories, gadgets, appliances, pet supplies, and other products people love. Many of the brands on can only be found in China, so people from other countries are interested in getting them.

Problems When Shopping on Taobao

Shopping on Taobao could be difficult. While it only takes buyers, or people researching with keywords how to be taobao agent, a few seconds to open the Taobao website, landing on the website can be confusing. The feeling is not so different from being disorientated. It’s because the website’s default language is Chinese. Even with the help of Google Translate, a buyer may not get an all-English webpage. It’s because some texts remain in Chinese, especially if they are part of a photo uploaded by a Taobao seller. Also, getting details about a product from the Chinese seller is almost always difficult because not all Chinese sellers speak English.

Another problem that foreigners will encounter when shopping on is the exorbitant amount they have to pay to have the purchased items delivered to their country. Doing an online research onhow to be taobao agent will direct you to a number of forums and articles discouraging people from other country to buy on due to high shipping costs.

Taobao Agents

If you are a Taobao agent, you will solve many problems mentioned above for the shoppers. First, you will create a website that syncs with the Taobao website. The website must have English as its default language. Or, the language of the country where you are reselling the Taobao products. It should also be regularly updated to feature products and their availability. As a reseller who acts as a bridge between a Chinese seller in and a buyer from your country, you need to handle not only product inventory but also payment methods convenient to buyers. In your research on how to be taobao agent, you will find out that a Taobao agent is also responsible for orders and shipping. If you become a Taobao agent, buyers will interact with you directly. So, you need to know the answers to common buyer questions buyers, such as:

  • How much does it cost to ship a Taobao product?

  • What is the estimated time for orders to be delivered?

Taobao APIs

Taobao Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are crucial in the Taobao business. To put it simply, the APIs from Taobao automate business processes so you as a reseller do not have to do them manually. Taobao APIs include order, logistics, trading, and shipping. These APIs work hard to retrieve information, such as orders and shipping details. You can find other Taobao APIs on Taobao website and Taobao-related forums on your when you do a Google search on how to be taobao agent or other similar key phrases.

Being a Taobao Agent vs. Running your Own E-commerce Business

As a Taobao agent, you need to be super meticulous in every aspect of the business, especially when it comes to inventory and shipping. Being a Taobao reseller, however, is easier compared with running a dropshipping business outside You will be hard pressed to find suppliers on your own because they are not very easy to find online. Some manufacturers don’t even bother with creating a website for their products. And, if you do find them, they are usually wholesalers who require a minimum order you can’t always meet. Aside from that, there are also risks involved in getting suppliers for your online shop. Some websites online are actually made by resellers posing as manufacturers. If you unwittingly buy from these websites, you will get products with relatively higher prices.

If you have your own website that syncs with the Taobao website, you may have to put in long hours each day to make it work. Building a system-syncing website from the ground up is also a lot of work, and managing it more so. Some people running their online shops even have to work on weekends and hire family members and friends to keep the business afloat. All in all, how to be taobao agent? is much easier to answer than the question about setting up your own e-commerce business. as a Solution

There are people who researched on how to be taobao agent entered the Taobao business by enlisting the services of The company creates custom system-synching websites for Taobao agents. They don’t need to build one from the ground up and deal with the website’s functionalities to regularly update the inventory of products on the website. also takes care of the logistics in China by coordinating with to process orders and shipping. Moreover, the company offers many payment methods to make shopping convenient to your customers.

Currently, has  agent shopping cart systems that come as bundles of services. So, people researching on how to be taobao agent  will find answers to their problems.


  1. Bruce

    How much does it cost to set up a taobao agent website in Singapore? Can it be integrated into my current website which already got payment gateway?

    • WuhuW

      Hello, we have just replied to your email, please check

    • Chris Boateng

      Hi I want to be a taobao agent in Ghana, I want to know the process for me to be an agent, I currently don’t have a website, thanks.

  2. blue

    How much does it cost to set up a taobao agent website in Singapore? Can it be integrated into my current website which already got payment gateway?

  3. Leo

    I would like to enquire more about being taobao agent websit, please contact me asap.
    thank you.

  4. tanya

    how much cost set up a taobao agent website in Mongolia, please reply answer

  5. Zamry Suandy

    Hi, can you teach me how to be taobao agent in Malaysia?

  6. Rohitha Pethiyagoda

    hi ,, im a seller expecting to start a taobao agent in sri lanka. how can i do it and how i make profit from it?
    please reply me

  7. Nam

    what is the cheapest choices for first time setup?
    is there any support for product importing (invoice , custom declaration), our police may check goods on the shipping way.

    • WuhuW

      The cheapest choice is to sue our OTC Cloud and our sub domain. we also have the service for logistic from China to your country

  8. Kristel

    Hello. I’m interested in being an agent in the Philippines. Can you teach me how?

  9. Roxanne Enslin

    Hello i would like to become a Taobao Agent in South Africa ? Is this possible and how does it work ?

    • WuhuW

      Yes, it is possible, we will email you shortly, please check your inbox

  10. dinn

    hello im interested to become taobao agent .can i know how to do it ?

    • WuhuW

      Yes, we have sent an email to you with details. please check and let us know

  11. Mario

    How can I set up an Taobao agent here in Cambodia , I haven’t have any website yet , btw I do know some Chinese . How much does it cost ?

    • WuhuW

      Thanks for contacting us. we have sent an email to you with details. please check and let us know

  12. NURUL

    I would like to be taobao agent.

  13. Odmagnai Nyamaa

    I would like to become a Taobao Agent in Mongolia ? Is this possible and how does it work ?


    • WuhuW

      Yes, it is possible. we have sent you an email. please check and let us know

  14. Suzilawati

    I would like to become a Taobao Agent in Mala ysia ? Is this possible and how does it work ?


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