How to Start Drop Shipping Business

By definition, the verb dropshipping presents the action of moving goods (products and items) from the manufacturer to the retailer, without using the usual distribution methods. The difference between dropshipping and ordinary retail model is that the sellers do not stock the inventory, but they are purchasing the products from wholesalers or manufacturers so they can sell the goods to the customers.

People love to buy things online and also, there are people who love to sell things online, but not many of them can have a warehouse where they can keep the products in stock. On other words, the seller contacts the dropshipping services, so they can ship the item to the retailers. You can sell your products to the customers without having them physically. Online sales are very popular in the whole world, but when we talk about the dropshipping, China is a global leader. They have the best dropship services that China can provide, with stocks full of products for the lowest price compared to every other similar service. There are many benefits of using dropshipping China services, because there are low or no fees, with factory defined prices.

The procedure of dropship is very easy:
-The customer buys the product from you for retail price
-You are buying the product from dropship service for a wholesale price
-The dropshipping service ships and delivers the product to the customer
If you want to start your own business with dropshipping, China and Chinese services are the best options for you. If you simply browse on the Internet for “dropship China” or “dropshipping China” you will find many legit and reliable dropshipping websites. You can see what they have in stock and you can sell the same items on your online store.


One of the greatest benefits of using the dropship services is that you need less capital investment because you don’t have to own all the products you sell. The eCommerce business is easier to run if you do not need to have the physical part of the sale, including the paying to the warehouse, packing and transporting the items, tracking the package or handling the returns and refunds. Dropship China services can do all that for you. You can run your business from your personal computer with very little money investment. You can be everywhere you want – at home, at work or at the restaurant and you don’t need to take care about dropshipping, China and Chinese services are doing that for you.

Also, there are some disadvantages, because you will need to check if the dropshipping services have the item on stock very often. All of that can be solved if you find some dropship China site that is totally legit and trusted. Consult with the other sellers that you have contact with and don’t be afraid to ask about their opinion or experience with some dropshipping services. You should make some researches before you start your business with dropshipping services. After you choose the dropship site, you can start with selling items on your online shop.

OpenTopCart provides a whole solution for the users. It is Taobao’s trusted shopping agent that also includes dropshipping services. If you don’t have much experience with online shopping, online selling and dropshipping, OpenTopCart is one of the best solutions for you, because the procedure is very simple and you can start to sell your products via dropship China services immediately after you create your online store. Many dropshipping services allow individual sales with free shipping to the customer. It’s for you to choose if you would sell the product by defining price or you will determine your own. Via dropship China services you can sell every item available on their services. You can connect your store to the dropshipper’s API, so you can have a base of every item available. Wholesale dropshipping can provide you a unique business opportunity to be very successful with your online store. Sometimes, the owners of the online stores are afraid that the customers will contact the dropship services directly, but most of the dropshipping China sites do not have that option.

So, if you already decided to start your online store using the dropshipping China services, you will have these benefits:
-Starting a business with very low investment
-You don’t have to buy items to have them in stock because the dropshipping service’s warehouses already have those
-You can fill up your store with a lot of items and products
-You can copy the descriptions of the dropship services
-No worries for proper packing, labels, returns, refunds or paying for delivery
-You can have customers from every part of the world
-You can define your own prices on the products

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