Taobao 1688 Shopping Agent helps you easily realize global shopping

Taobao and 1688 are two major Chinese e-commerce platforms, targeting the retail and wholesale markets respectively. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry and the growing demand for Chinese products from global consumers, Taobao and 1688’s sourcing services have also emerged, providing global consumers with convenient sourcing channels.

Taobao sourcing

Taobao sourcing agent refers to a service where the sourcing agent is entrusted by the client (overseas consumer) to purchase goods on Taobao and deliver them to the client. The advantages of Taobao sourcing agent are:

  1. There are many kinds of goods, including daily necessities, electronic products, clothing, shoes and hats, etc.;
  2.  Prices are relatively cheap, because sourcing agents can purchase goods in bulk and enjoy wholesale prices;
  3. The service is convenient, and sourcing agents can provide a full range of services including translation, communication, and payment.

1688 sourcing

1688 sourcing agent refers to a service where the sourcing agent is entrusted by the client (foreign enterprise or individual) to purchase goods on and deliver them to the client. The advantages of 1688 sourcing agent are:

  1. The product prices are lower, because 1688 is a platform for wholesalers, and the product prices are usually lower than Taobao;
  2.  Richer product categories. 1688 brings together a large number of Chinese manufacturers, and you can find all kinds of products;
  3.  The customized service is more complete, and the sourcing agent can assist the client in communicating with the manufacturer to customize the products.

The operating model of Taobao and 1688 sourcing agents

The operation modes of Taobao and 1688 sourcing agents are roughly the same, mainly including the following steps:

  1. The client provides the sourcing agent with product information, including product link, quantity, specifications, etc.;
  2.  The sourcing agent inquires about the product price and shipping fee, and confirms the final price with the client;
  3. The sourcing agent places an order, pays, and arranges for the goods to be shipped;
  4.  After receiving the goods, the sourcing agent will inspect the goods and arrange for them to be delivered to the client.
  5.  Things to note when sourcing on Taobao and 1688

When choosing Taobao and 1688 sourcing services, you should pay attention to the following:

  1.  Choose a reputable sourcing agent and read the sourcing agent service terms carefully;
  2. Know the price of the product, shipping costs, tariffs and other fees;
  3.  Carefully check the quality of the goods and keep the relevant certificates properly;
  4. Understand the return and exchange policy, and negotiate the return and exchange matters with the sourcing agency.

Taobao and 1688 sourcing agents provide convenient sourcing channels for consumers around the world, but consumers should also pay attention to relevant matters when choosing sourcing agents to protect their own rights and interests.

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